The Big A’s
@lettodesign brought an interesting article to my attention (written by Dan Mall, Senior Designer at Big Spaceship)

“The bickering is getting old.”

He’s referring to the battle royal that has been spewing between the Apple and Adobe camps (i.e. HTML5 and Flash; let alone Silverlight). For the most part the battle has been between streaming “video” content in which flash has ruled since YouTube anted up, but now we see the battle expanding into the application realm.

On April 12th, 2010 Adobe drops CS5… with the assumption that Flash will allow you to publish native iPhone applications. On April 8th Apple announced iPhone 4.0 OS effectively killing off this new function. WTF?

This battle is getting a bit out of hand. But the fault is with both Apple and Adobe not working together to produce cohesive products. Being such big players, with many of us depending on their products and technologies, you would hope they would work a little closer together to ensure mutual success. As web developers, all we can do is continue to use whatever technology we feel is necessary to build the client’s vision regardless of what tech is seen as “the killer” whatever. If we must, we will code in a technology without standards (HTML5). We will continue to use flash when appropriate (animation; player distribution). And we will blend technologies when we feel that none of them handle everything well (HTML6?).

I’m about to set-up my turntables for the first time in a bout a year. My iMac has been dead for weeks and I’ve been in no place to write music. I have not even collaborated with anyone in years. Then @Ableton drops this on me: http://www.ohmstudio.com/

Now I can drop beats in Reason, cut them up in Ableton, scratch and mix my samples on the tables and upload them to a collaborative service and start sequencing with someone I’ve never met!

This is the internet I had in mind when I first realized that you could interact with someone on the other side of the world. An internet that is more than pr0n, Facebook, and torrents; Where the virtual world is more than one of consumption and passive entertainment for musicians and fans. Now I can get direct contact with other artists inside a virtual studio that allows us to be as creative as we (or I) wish in real time or our own time.

Props to the developers that are pushing this idea to the artistic masses. Social media can actually lead to something productive if seen in the right light. Imagine if all your favorite apps became cloudware and ability the to edit your content was available on all of your devices and only limited by your available time, interface, and willing collaborative partners. Choose your weapon… your iPad or your full blown studio. It’s all relevant.

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