So, Google Instant seems to be the Pandora’s Box of Ad search revenue.

When and where does advertisement end and interactive research begin?

SEOs everywhere are scrambling to gain access to Google Instant search. Much like Ad Words/Sense paid search results are the new Wave (lol, pun intended). Many are speculating what this means to SEO and search results. But in reality, SEO is only becoming more prominently displayed even before you search. We’re almost headed back to phone book style competitiveness as instant search results are driven first alphabetically then by your SEO status.

With Google commanding more than 70% of the search market you’d think this will be a revolution in search relevancy, but then again Instant Search only comes into play for those logged into there Google accounts. Though, I’m sure we can count on this being more relevant. After all… is this Google. Don’t be evil.

In other news… did you here about the kid who said he could add instant search results to YouTube? Well, three hours later he did and was offered a job from YouTube CEO Chad Hurley via Twitter. Nice work kid; don’t work for peanuts!


Is this the future of the mobile production studio?

Made on an iPhone 4.

Awesome. This was spawned from an iPhone movie contest. Watching these kids make something that rivals work from a traditional DV cam (in HD 720p mind you), makes me wonder the possibilities of near future mobile editing/filmmaking.

Once Red Giant drops Magic Bullet “Looks” for iPhone 5 (sneak a peek a Plastic Bullet for iPhone 4)… look out DV!.

Could this be the future tool for the Discovery Channel, “Man Vs.”?

With the amount of apps coming out (video editing, music creation, video upload, etc) + GPS/accelerometer capabilities… I can imagine full documentary style shows being produced solely on the mini production studio known as the iPhone.


H.264 has extended it’s freedom through the life of the product and I’m freakin’ excited! HTML5 developers rejoice!

I addressed the most recent competitor into the codec war awhile back.

WebM sounds like it could be a great thing. Yes, it will rival H.264 and the most important part about it is not how it works but the licensing issues that it will avoid.
Andrew Agalsoff @BoiseCutters

Well, Andrew… this could be a dream come true. Instead of waiting for Google to catch up or for open-source to save us (Seen an Ogg video lately? Neither have I) we can continue to enjoy what we thought would bite us in the ass. So as soon as mozilla and trident and the rest of those browser cats (and fox… or “foxen” if you prefer) build in native support for H.264 we should be happy developers and delighted video producers. Do not fret any longer that the video you post, stream, burn, and encode may come back to haunt you on Jan. one, twenty-sixteen …unless, of course, the world ends 4 years earlier.


Just one of those things that you are asked daily to do when you know something about technology or design.

My computers freaking out. You know computers; can you look at it.

Sure I’ll look at it, then I’ll laugh at you for using and operating system and a machine you know nothing about. Do I look like an IT department to you? Ok… maybe I do.

I’m having a BBQ this weekend. You’re a designer… can you make me a really cool flyer with a picture of my kitty?


In reality creatives and geeks are much more helpful than this, but it’s those little things in everyone’s career path that you’d like to get away from so you can really get to work. One of those tasks is resizing images for people. It’s a mundane task that seems to stump the most intelligent of people. And really, it’s not that simple. Windows doesn’t offer the best tools to do a simple resize and even the savviest of mac users will overlook the resize function in Preview.

When you are posed with this task for the later part of 2|S| > |S|, please appoint the unfortunate inquirer to picresize.com directly! After a quick bookmark you should be less one request for the rest of your life …that is until their browser’s bookmarks corrupt and you are asked to magically retrieve them. Rinse, repeat, enjoy!



Do it right now. Even if you think you are double check that your external back-up drive is running. If your not running Time Machine, do it now! If you’re working off a server, make sure it’s one with back up capabilities like an Xserve.

If you’re a Windows user… good luck.

It’s one of those things that’s easy to put off because your new machine runs so smoothly and you never have issues. You’ve been working for months without backing up so why would you want to back-up now and ruin a good thing?

Trust me you’ll thank me later… like when it’s midnight with a client deadline at 8am and your hard drive dies. EPIC FAIL.